Care to Share Rewards Program

Care to Share

RAH Client Referral Program

Introducing the Care to Share program at Riverside Animal Hospital

Refer Friends: Get Rewards

One of the greatest compliments we can receive as a Veterinary Hospital is when our clients recommend our staff and services to their friends and family.  If you think today’s visit exceeded your expectations, we’d love for you to tell your Friends & Family about us.

Fill out the Care to Share information card and pass it on to your friends. It’s that simple! Each new client that makes and keeps an appointment with us will earn you $25 towards your next veterinary visit.

Accumulate your referrals to reach Bronze (3), Silver (6), Gold (9), and Platinum (10) levels and receive a special reward from us each time you reach a new level.  When you reach the Platinum level (10 referrals), you will receive 10% off your future vet bills for life! Please read the program highlights below.  Care to Share info cards are available at the clinic.

  • The program is based on 10 new client referrals total.
  • Each new client referral is worth $25 to the existing client.
  • Existing clients earn a $25 credit on their account for each referral. After 3 referrals, you hit the Bronze category and earn a special gift from Riverside Animal Hospital (RAH)
  • Next three referrals, existing clients hit the Silver category and earn a special gift from RAH
  • Next three referrals, existing clients reach the Gold category and earn a 3rd special gift from RAH
  • The 10th referral then moves our existing Clients to Platinum Status and they earn 10% off their future visits including all products and services, except for food, FOR LIFE!
  • $25 is applied with every referral and is immediately redeemable, clients do not need to accumulate to a certain level before making use of it like some other rewards programs
  • The New Clients receive a New Client Complimentary Pet Exam.
  • In addition, the New Client receives a care bag of goodies from RAH for their pet!

We’d like to thank you in advance for your continued support and for your consideration in becoming an active participant in our Care to Share program.  We pride ourselves in fostering caring relationships with our clients and their pets and in keeping all the members of our furry families happy and healthy.