We’re here for all of your buddy’s health needs… but, we’re also here to help keep them clean, and looking good!

Ask us about the following services for your pet…


Our professional groomer can help maintain your pet’s hairstyle, as well as their routine hygiene, including…

  • A Full-service Bath: Your pet will be washed with a gentle shampoo (medicated shampoos available upon request), then receive a blow-dry, 15-minute brushing session, ear cleaning, anal gland expression (for dogs), and nail trim
  • A Full-service Bath and Haircut: This includes everything above, plus a cut and style of your pet’s hair (styled as you request, including breed standard cuts)
  • A la carte options:
    • Nail trim only
    • Ear cleaning only
    • Anal gland expression only
    • De-shedding treatment (extra long brushing session, using a FURminator brush to help remove excess hair, especially helpful during heavy shedding seasons)
    • Sanitary trim (a trim of the hair on your pet’s backside, to help keep them clean)

We offer services to all breeds of dogs and cats, and they’ll return home to you looking stylish and smelling good.

If you have a particular haircut in mind, just bring a picture along with you, or choose an example from our Before and After album.


If your pal got into some mud, or just needs a freshening up for healthier, better-smelling hair and skin… you can schedule a bath with us, which will be performed by a veterinary assistant.

This service includes an anal gland expression (for dogs), and a nail trim. Upon request, we can also use a medicated shampoo to help with seasonal allergies and itchiness.

Nail trims

If your furry best friend’s nails are getting a little too sharp, we can help!

This service helps to prevent nail overgrowth, and aids in preventing scratches to both furniture and people.

For most pets, it’s a quick procedure that can be done in 15 minutes or less. But, to avoid waiting, you’ll want to schedule an appointment.

*Note: For the safety of all pets, we require proof of vaccination when you schedule the appointment. Your pet must also be up to date on their annual exam and parasite prevention. Give us a call ahead of time, in order to make sure your pet is up to date.

Ready to schedule your pal’s bathing or nail trim?

Give us a call at 954-575-7915, or request an appointment online.

About Our Pet Groomer, Alain Yvanes

Alain YvanesAlain attended Merryfield School of Pet Grooming in Fort Lauderdale and has been active as a mobile pet groomer in the FLL metro area for the past few years. Focusing on show grooms, as a young father, he’s been looking to establish himself in a recognized veterinary practice providing one-stop services.

Alain is eager to get to know our clients and the furry members of their families. He welcomes all sizes of our K-9 friends and welcomes your feline friends too! He comes to us with not only his grooming skills but with his additional pet behavior expertise and a solid understanding of animal health.

While he transitions from his current clients, Alain will be available at RAH on MWF, scheduling appointments from 9 AM – 4 PM. Drop-offs are available starting at 8:30 AM with the last pickup by 5:30 PM. Alain will be expanding his schedule as he transitions entirely over to our location here at RAH and we’ll announce that as it happens.

Please contact our office to schedule an appointment 954-575-7915. Appointments may be limited as Alain transitions to our location so try to book ahead if possible. Mention this announcement and receive $10 off your first groom with Alain!!